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Let's face it, SEO is hard.

..and it's getting harder every month. Competitors taking over "your keywords"? Google algo updates with sudden ranking drops? Internal challenges & never-ending ToDo list? You name it. We know it. Yet, Google is the best source of qualified traffic you can get. While you are reading that sentence, Google is processing over 68,000+ searches per second.

Any of these sounds familiar?

  • Lack of time to focus on SEO
  • Lack of results (nothing is moving)
  • Feel like a growth burden is on you
  • No peers to talk to about SEO
  • Google keeps changing the algo
  • Competitors taking market share

Our promise to you

  • Scale faster & keep CAC low
  • Dedicated & trusted SEO Team
  • SaaS Growth Experts on your side
  • Proven systems & processes
  • Unlimited SEO support
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In 2020 we helped our clients generate
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We take care of your entire SEO, so you don’t have to.



It’s our goal to become an extension of your team. 100% committed & integrated to grow your business. Our pricing is a reflection of this goal.

If needed we can also save you a whopping $4223 each month ($6723-$2500). See the comparison on the right & FAQ below for details.

Think about the true cost of "doing SEO".

Frequently Asked Questions

3x growth projects per month (scope defined together). We break each SEO project into 10h chunks (sprints). So, they are easier to manage & deliver. Typically it takes us circa 30-40h to complete these 3 projects set for a month. Example: Keyword Research takes circa 20h, that's 2x worth of Growth Projects. You could also think about these as Growth Sprints. What are sprints? A sprint is a short, time-boxed period when a GT team works to complete a set amount of work.

We are committed to answering ALL of your SEO questions. Think of us like your "SEO guys" that everyone else has & ask them all sort of SEO related questions when needed. That's what it means & that's why we offer 'unlimited SEO support' via Slack or Email to answer any of your questions.

Nope, we're not an SEO agency. Yes, there are good agencies out there. But, to be honest there is also a lot of snake oil in SEO agency space. There are two main differences. 1. Unlike classic SEO agency, we don't accept all the clients that come our way. We’ve rejected over 300 SEO project invites last year. 2. Unlike generalist agencies, we specialize in SEO for B2B, SaaS & Tech Startups. That give us laser-focused know-how and proven tactics to tackle niche-specific problems.

Yup, that's right. We don't lock you into a long-term contract as most SEO agencies do. Yay! It's a pure Pay as You Go model. Honestly, no long-term commitments required & 30 days notice.

Yup! As part of the monthly services, we perform monthly SEO Audits at no extra cost. Some people will charge you $$$ for that. Not us. In-depth SEO Audits include 362 checkpoints and things like Accessibility, Site Architecture, On-Page, Content Audit, Structured Data Audit, Duplicate Content Issues, Page Speed Optimization, Mobile Friendliness, etc. That's your site health check sorted.

SEO is highly competitive, there could be 10-20 similar sites in the same space doing nearly exactly the same thing. That's true, especially in SaaS SEO. Let's take the CRM niche as an example. You know a few SaaS vendors in that niche, right? But, if we decide to work together, then we will reject to work at the same time with any of your niche specific, direct competitors. Unless they are serving a different sub-group of the same niche. That's our one client per niche rule.

Absolutely. Here are some of the content marketing tactics we use: - Content Gap Analysis & Competitor Analysis Detailed Briefs for Content writers - details of how these pages should look like, what LSI should we use, what primary KW should be. (how they should be linked, what LSI, what Title, what KWs, etc), SaaS specific Product Pages SaaS focused Keyword Research & Mapping - combined with data insights like Volume, Difficulty, Grouping, Intent, Funnel Stage (TOFU/MOFU/BOFU), relevance, etc. Research & Briefs for Content Hubs, Pillar Pages Strategy (aka Hubspot content strategy) - SEO briefs for pages targeting topic clusters, Content Pruning & Consolidation Feature/pain point mapping - mapping product features with Topics/KWs for certain problems to solve, pain point to address, or “job” to be done (JTBD).

On top of everything that we said already, you are also going to get: Free Keyword Tracking & Reporting - we will track your keywords. So, you don't have to. Instant benefits of our premium SEO tools at no extra cost: Ahrefs.com, SiteBulb Crawler, ScreamingFrog to just name a few. You will get access to your own online SEO Dashboard. So, you can keep track of the right metrics.

Well, research based on 2,000 full-time office workers revealed that in an eight-hour day, the average person is only productive for 2 hours and 53 minutes. That's when the person is in the office. Take out holidays, national days off, sick days. So, you can perhaps expect a 40-50h of productive work per month.

Absolutely. It’s our goal to become an extension of your team. So, we are def. not a replacement for an SEO person or team that you might already have.

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