You might ask: “What can you help me with?”

Generating traffic & revenue from Google that’s my superpower. I’m sure you know that SEO is an art & science at the same time. If you are reading that I’m also almost sure you need somebody to help you with “SEO stuff”. Good! You’ve come to the right place. Besides, I’m focusing my work on sustainable, white-hat SEO techniques, which boost your organic search presence and revenue for a long term.

The only thing that matters to me: growing your business.

What else are you good at?

All things digital, but I’m mostly focusing on these areas:

  • All sorts of SEO techniques for various industries
  • Technical SEO
  • Content & SEO Audits
  • Local & International SEO
  • Modern LinkBuiding & Content Campaigns
  • Growth Hacking
  • Conversion Optimization & Web Analytics

Who are you?

Marcin Chirowski

Hi, I’m Marcin. I grew up in Poland and moved to London 10 years ago. I’m an entrepreneurial minded digital marketer with over 10 years of experience in digital marketing. What? Yes, you know the person who will talk about your business and not just blast you with marketing jargon and buzz words. Good thing is that I’ve spent the past 9+ years focusing on growing search revenue for UK based brands reaching a global audience: The Independent News & Media, Ladbrokes, Kaplan (Washington Post Group), EF Education First. On top of that, I’ve been successfully deploying International SEO & Content Marketing programs for B2C brands in over 20 languages.

Public Speaking

There is one more thing I really enjoy. Sharing my experience with SEO community through public speaking. So far, you might have seen me on few conference. I’ve recently presented at Brighton SEO 2016. That’s one of the  UK’S biggest SEO conference. It was great! I also had a pleasure to speak at: OMCap Berlin 2014, International Search Summit 2013 & Content Marketing Show 2014. Let’s connect, if you happen to have a speaker slot available


How can we work together?

In response to high demand for my freelance consulting services, I’ve decided to build a team of SEO experts. That way I can help more business grow their revenue from search engines. GT team will work under my leadership to make sure you have the maximum value.

Let’s connect and explore how GT Team can help you achieve your goals.

It’s best to start with a quick 15min Skype call and talk about your business. Please go ahead and select a time suitable for you in my online calendar: – Just pick a time best suitable for you. It’s super simple.


Alternatively, you can just drop me a quick email:


  • Growth

  • $2000m
    • Unlimited SEO Support
    • On-Page SEO: 20h per month
    • Link Building: 20h per month
    • Content Marketing: 20h per month
    • Rankings Monitoring: 1000 keywords
    • Dedicated SEO Team
    • Monthly Auditing &  Technical checks

  • Start

  • $1250m
    • Unlimited SEO Support
    • On-Page SEO: 10h per month
    • Link Building: 10h per month
    • Content Marketing: 10h per month
    • Rankings Monitoring: 500 keywords
    • Dedicated SEO Team
    • Monthly Auditing &  Technical checks

What’s included in all packages:

In-depth SEO Audit with 150 checkpoints

Actionable SEO Strategy

Deep keyword research

Proven and white-hat SEO optimization process

Backlinks & competitors monitoring

Transparent results reporting

Strategy & Launch: $1500 – One-time investment

All successful projects start with research and planning. In the first month, we begin our partnership with In-depth SEO Audit with 150 checkpoints, Metrics and tracking setup, Deep keywords research & SEO Strategy planning.

Team of SEO Experts

In response to high demand for my freelance consulting services, I’ve decided to build a team of SEO experts. That way I can help more business grow their revenue from search engines. GT team will work under my leadership to make sure you have the maximum value.

Recommendations / What other say

From our humble beginnings together at Ladbrokes, I have followed Marcin's career and have seen him climb the SEO career ladder at an impressive pace. Now an authority figure within the industry, with numerous speaking engagements, Marcin is an exceptionally well rounded SEO professional and a genuine out of the box thinker.

Jamie Peach – Head of SEO at House of Fraser

I have had the privilege to work with Marcin on multiple Search and Content related projects. What I really admire about him is his unmatched generosity and the dedication he puts into mentoring those who work under him. Thanks to his vision and strong sense of prioritization we were able to deliver large-scale projects under tight deadlines. Not only that, all projects we have taken over had delivered great ROI. The latest I can think of was the roll out of a content powerhouse within EF Englishtown, revamping the community section and launching a new blog. These two projects brought an influx of large organic traffic and a new engaged audience.

Khalil Maaouni – Head of Digital – Mystays Hotel Management

Marcin is an extremely talented and was able to walk me through the often complicated process of digital marketing, conversion optimization, content marketing and SEO. As a growing business he was able to identify my needs and potential growth areas and not only improve my site for the present, but prepare it for future expansion. He was hard working, conscientious and obviously incredibly up-to-date about his area and it showed in his work. I would not hesitate to recommend Marcin.

Evan Schiff, Founder at Travelling Classroom

Working in projects with Marcin was always a pleasure. Knowledgeable, assured and proactive, Marcin brings plentiful experience and creativity to his approaches and plans, which are expertly executed. He's also a lovely person to top it all - he would be a great addition to any team.

Samantha Davies – Independent contractor – UX / Design research

Marcin's expertise and skills in SEO and content marketing increased my market share along with achieving record sales month on month placing my market in the lead over global markets. In addition to that, helped place the company over top competitors and cutting marketing budget by 30% from organic search, link building and blogs.

Fayez Beainy – Founder at Think Business Group

Marcin has established himself to be a strong force in the marketing sector. With his broad knowledge, and strategic thinking, he has excelled as an SEO. His marketing strategies are outstanding, and is fully focused on results. He is a pleasure to work with. His great personality, and the ability to work with others, makes him a great asset to any team

Soyoung Kim – Senior marketing manager of Asia regions at Kaplan

Marcin was a key player in the growth of Kaplan driving SEO strategy and implementation for the 90+ target markets. He is formidable team player and a thought leading online marketeer who knows how to leverage Social Media and Content Marketing to achieve solid and long lasting SEO success. Marcin is always a pleasure to work with and will have a considerable impact in any project he undertakes and team he joins reaching goals and overachieving as well.

Juan Ortiz – Online Marketing Consultant & Executive Coach

Consistency, anticipation and SEO creativity spring to mind from the years working with Marcin. I was impressed with his ability to focus on digital marketing plans for our global audience in an often pressured and changing environment. An added bonus is he's a really nice guy to be part of your team!

Chris Hallett – IT Consultant & Founder at Sidecar City

Marcin is amongst the exclusive group of SEO experts that are both knowledgeable and experienced in international SEO, Content Marketing and User Experience. Working with Marcin allowed me to grow in all these facets and many other skills. It's been an honour to be part of the same team.

Adrià Izquierdo Pastor – International SEO Analyst at Search Unlimited London

I've had the pleasure of working with Marcin, both when he spoke at the International Search Summit and took part in some interviews for He is a knowledgeable digital marketer, who is always willing to share that knowledge and his experience with others. When working with him, I was struck by his commitment; it wasn't enough for him just to turn up but he ensured he was fully prepared and took the time to understand who the audience would be and tailor his approach and content accordingly. A sign of a good content marketer, I guess! I'd certainly recommend him as a speaker, contributor or partner.

Gemma Houghton – Marketing Manager at Webcertain

Marcin is both innovator and analyst which puts him at the top of his game. I worked alongside him and was always impressed with his drive to produce creative solutions, honed by insight. Marcin's ability to understand multiple international commercial markets, and deliver effective SEO solutions makes him, by definition, world class.

Jeremy Farmer – Director of Customer Experience at Doddle Parcels

Was a pleasure to work with Marcin. One of the main characteristics is his calmness especially in high stress situations, thereby developing a positive work dynamic while always focusing his efforts on performance results. Marcin has an extensive technical knowledge which is due to being constantly up to date of the latest trends in the digital marketing sphere. Someone who brings value to any marketing team.

André Teixeira – Global Performance Media Manager at Kaplan

Marcin is one of the most knowledgeable people I know in the sphere of SEO and digital marketing. I learned a lot while reporting to him at Kaplan. Marcin gave me the freedom and encouragement to develop my passion and understanding of content marketing. He was incredibly supportive throughout our time together at Kaplan. I would hesitate to recommend him.

Martin Hofschroer – Content Marketing Strategist at

I worked with Marcin at the Independent News and Media in 2008. Marcin has a first-rate understanding of all major aspects of the online marketing world and proved this in the time he worked at the Independent. He showed a continual thirst for knowledge for all things SEO - which is imperative in this ever changing industry and was always proactive in his approach to improving the performance of his portfolio of websites.

Graham Flaherty – Analytics Manager & SEO Specialist at The Independent, Evening Standard,


Let’s connect

Let’s connect and explore how we can work together and how I can help you achieve your goals. It’s best to start with a quick 15min Skype call and talk about your project requirements. Please go ahead and select a time suitable for you in my online calendar. Just pick a time best suitable for you. It’s super simple and sync with my calendar. Alternatively, you can just drop me a quick email: